Community and Collaboration-Building Initiatives

Community and Collaboration-Building Initiatives

April 8, 2016

City Leadership Networks and Gospel City Movements are led by multiple conveners in each city. Conveners are collaborative leaders that unite to meet the city’s deepest needs, convinced that their unique relationship networks and influence are to be wielded to serve God’s vision for the city.

Community develops as people share common pursuits in the city. As we work alongside fellow volunteers in compassionate ministry and collaborative efforts, we are intentional about building relationships and being sensitive to their spiritual journey. We strive to create community that others belong to and live in while they consider Christ and His gospel.   

Increasingly, in more cities, thousands of Kingdom citizens are becoming effective CoJourners, skilled and deep in the theology and practice of those who winsomely share the Gospel and ground others in their faith and in community. The CoJourner paradigm is a spiritual-journey-based equipping paradigm for conversational evangelism – so as to help believers engage effectively with those they rub shoulders.

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